Lanthanum Oxide | Rare Earth Oxides

Product Name:Lanthanum Oxide

Other Names:Lanthanum(III) Oxide, Lanthana, Lanthanum Sesquioxide, Lanthanum Trioxide

Chemical Formula:La2O3

CAS No.:1312-81-8

Specification:3N (99.9%) / 4N (99.99%)

Appearance:White powder, hygroscopic

Packing:50 kgs / drum or 25 kgs / bag

Note:The values in the following specification(s) can be adjusted based on customer’s needs.

3N Grade Specification
Item Unit Minimum Maximum
TREO % 98
La2O3 / TREO % 99.9
Fe ppm 100
Si ppm 100
Ca ppm 500
Cl ppm 500


4N Grade Specification
————— Data Pending Revision —————

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