Niobium hydroxide oxide

Product NameNiobium hydroxide oxide

Other NamesNiobium hydroxide

Molecular FormulaNb(OH)5     H5Nb3O10

CAS No.37349-30-7


PackingBag or other way

Physical Properties: insoluble in water, hardly soluble in inorganic acids such as HCl and HNO3, and easily soluble in organic oxyacids such as hydrofluoric acid, oxalic acid and citric acid.


  1. Solid acid catalyst: It is a typical solid acid catalyst with high acid strength, which can participate in and promote many chemical reactions.
  2. Adsorbent: Hydrated niobium oxide has significant selectivity to phosphate ions, and niobium hydroxide is chemically stable, and it is not easy to react with acids, alkalis, oxidants and reducing agents, which means it has a strong fixation The potential of phosphate.
  3. Immobilized lipase carrier: Niobium hydroxide is also very suitable for the production of immobilized lipase. The products produced using this type of carrier have the same or even better properties than those produced using other carriers.


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