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Specialty Services

Rare earth oxides and compounds, metal oxides, and other chemical products in industrial grade, etc.

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Company Profile

We have quickly been gaining momentum as a reputable leader in the supply chain of rare earth and chemical products and related equipment of the worldwide chemical industry. We offer our customers the professional service with the best quality, at the best price, in a long-term friendly business relationship. We believe that integrity, dependability, and innovation are the key to success.


In recent years, with the development of customers and the expansion of business, we have cooperated with the Industrial Technology Research Institute, an international applied research institution in Taiwan, to carry out a number of product research and development projects.

In the future, we will continue to uphold the spirit of unremitting efforts to provide customers with better service……

Advanced people from all walks of life are welcome to guide at any time.


Our business logo is symbolized by the following two letters: E and B, taken from the first letters of Ever and Brighten. Our business logo illustrates our determination of protection and preservation of the environment. We are committed to our customers as well as the environment.


Moreover, five letters were chosen from the word “EVERBRIGHTEN” to be the URL of our website.


Our Visions and Goals

1.Continue the supply of existing products and expand the markets.

2.Introduce suitable products to global markets.

3.Understand customers’ needs to ensure the fulfillment of quality service.

4.Reinforce management structure and self-educate to ensure our position in the competitive chemical industry.